Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New APProach to learning...

..... boom,boom. I'll avoid the headline puns from now on.

Below is a list of apps that I've found pretty useful for learning both inside and outside the classroom and also developing my own knowledge and teaching. I'm an Android not an Apple user, controversial I know, but I try not to get too bothered about operating systems. An Android phone is just a lot kinder on my bank balance at the end of each month!

It's not a mega list, just those apps I use fairly regularly and like. Click on the App name to view it in Android Market.

 IGeology app by the British Geological Society -  Upload a geology map of anywhere in the UK and find out what's under your feet. Very useful when out on field trips. Does need a good data connection to work properly - I found this out to my frustration whilst looking at coastal erosion at Holderness. No 3G signal :-(

Grid referenceGives you a UK grid reference from 4 to 10 decimel places. Always been pretty accurate for me whenever i've used it.

Maverick - View a vast range of open source, Google, and Ordnance Survey maps on your mobile down to 1:25k. Very useful for checking out an area when out and about. If you view an area whilst on Wifi it should cache the map on your phone memory so you can view the same area when out of signal.

My tracks -  Record your running/walking route and monitor timing, avg speed etc. You can then upload to Google Drive to use in excel/word etc. Has the same features as a £140 GPS running watch but this app is free. Could be handy for controlled assessment or field work for tracking routes.

TED talks - If you've not come across TED yet, get watching now! Lots of inspiring speakers. View all the TED talk archive from your phone. Best used with wifi or good 3G. Handy when trying to find a relevant video for a lesson

BBC News - Does what it says on the tin. Useful for up to date news on the go. I use it regularly to check what breaking news relates to the topics i'm currently teaching.

Met Office - Rain, satellite, weather warnings, forecast and synoptic charts on the go. Weather geekness! Not used this in the classroom yet, but it could be nice to start a lesson off by reviewing the current synoptic charts and encouraging pupils to explain what is happening weather wise.

Twitter - Again, not used this live in the classroom, but from a personal development point of view I find it invaluable for finding out new things and learning from colleagues across the country.

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