Saturday, 19 May 2012

Forgive me father for I have sinned.........

My fondness for Android OS and devices hasn't been helped by the below par appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 earlier in the month. I've been pretty keen to get a tablet for a number of reasons, one is the Iceland trip in June and July where I want something light and portable with me so I can blog/keep a dairy, read the web, record data and lesson ideas, keep in touch with the Mrs etc. My placement school has also recently acquired a number of Ipads with Apple TV  which opens up more opportunities for viewing geographic data and conducting geographical enquiries with pupils.

The start of something?
These reasons, along with the obligatory present to myself to celebrate the end of the PGCE, resulted in me buying an Ipad 2 earlier this week. I managed to get a refurbished one from Apple at a reasonable price.

Keen to hear from existing Apple users as to the best geography apps to get for the Ipad.

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