Sunday, 6 May 2012

Another energy related post............

I created the Google motion charts mentioned in the last post as a result of DECC's lack of CO2 data visualisation. In the last year they've become much better at representing data in formats other than Excel.

This is a link to a map showing solar PV installations across the UK from 2010-2011. It's divided up into Local Authority area again so provides a glimpse into installations down to a reasonable scale. 

Screen grab of the DECC UK PV map

This could be another useful resource to use with unit 2 Wasteful World in Edexcel Spec A. Pupils could compare North vs South, East vs West, they could be asked to think of why there has been such an increase in installations between 2010-2011 and what impact this will have on where we get our energy from. 

I wonder whether they have any panels installed on their homes?

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