Thursday, 15 November 2012

CO2 emissions by Local Authority area. 2005-2010

I've blogged previously about the Google Motion Charts I created as part of my previous job to display Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions for various Local Authorities 

I've finally got round to inputting the latest DECC CO2 data for UK Local Authorities from 2005 to 2010. These data were formerly referred to as National Indicator 186, DECC have revised them so that the 5 years are comparable for the first time. You should (hopefully) be able to see the full dataset below, if not it can be accessed in a new window here

The X and Y data sets can be changed by clicking on the drop down boxes and individual authorities monitored by clicking on the bubbles. It's best changing the scale to Log and then click the play button. Bubble size indicates total CO2 emissions.

It's interesting to note the decrease in Industrial and Commercial emissions that takes place for the majority of authorities between 2007-2009, before stablising and then reversing back to growth in 2010.
This links in with a Google Fusion map that the Guardian Data team have produced on CO2 per capita emssions for UK Local Authorities between 2009-2010, which shows a 2.7% increase nationally.

Change in per Capita CO2 emissions for UK, 2009-2010. Source: Guardian Data blog:

Looks as though we still have quite a way to go in terms of reducing emissions in industry and at home in the long term. 

Happy analysing!

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